In 2012, I graduated from a top 20 US business school with a mountain of debt. I was happy to have an MBA but, unlike many of my classmates, a world of uncertainty awaited since I had no full-time job offer. A couple months after grad school ended, I found a brief two-month contract job. After that brief period of employment, I was essentially unemployed for almost a year until July 2013 when I decided to be self-employed for real. That was when I seriously set about finding paying clients. Thankfully, I succeeded in my goal to be gainfully self-employed. My first step as soon as I signed my first contract was to work on lowering my debt. It is now May 2014. For the past nine months since that fateful July I have been working hard at reducing my $151K debt. Yes, you read that correctly. I have enough debt to buy a house in many places in North America!

Anyways, I have been making good progress reducing my debt. In the nine months so far, I have paid off $26K! I am feeling like I can do ALL the things! But I know that being self-employed means that a hole can form in my floating boat any moment so perhaps feeling cautiously optimistic is a better feeling to have.

This blog is to keep track of my progress as I work towards paying off the entire debt amount, virtually all of which is student (or student-related) debt.


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